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Custom Image Ring

Custom Image Ring

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Which month were you born in? Each month has a birth flower that can remind you of another year around the sun! Handmade & engraved in our shop. 

January - Carnation 

February - Iris 

March - Daffodil 

April - Daisy 

May - Lily 

June - Rose 

July - Larkspur 

August - Gladiolus 

September - Aster 

October - Marigold 

November - Chrysanthemum 

December - Narcissus


Care information

Be sure to clean your jewelry often with a damp cloth to remove any excess lotion, sweat, or dirt and keep it shining. Keep your jewelry away from chlorine or salt water.


Our jewelry is made of 316L stainless steel with a gold PVD coating. It is highly durable and resistant to sweat, water, and heat, and is ten times stronger than gold-plated jewelry. You can wear our jewelry with perfume or lotion without worrying about damage. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, doesn't scratch easily, and won't tarnish because it doesn't oxidize or rust.

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