Our Story

Hi! We are so glad you are here. As a small business, we have enjoyed getting to know each new customer and finding out what makes them feel beautiful. We both enjoy finding beauty in the small moments of life, and in the occasional bracelet and necklace. Our ENGRV journey began only a few short months ago, but we are happy to be not only finding better jewelry for us and our close friends but for all of you! Our goal from the beginning was to switch out our low quality, \expensive jewelry that never quite fit right, for jewelry that helped us feel beautiful without the massive price tag.

As moms, sisters, and women we know that confidence can be found even in the simplest of charms and feel empowered to help each person find little small things that can help them feel beautiful and happy. Small pieces, and small moments ultimately add up to be a big chunk of life. We are happy to have you hear for the ride!

There is significance in every piece of life, clothing, and jewelry. We want to provide that and more. ENGRV focuses on not only engraving beauty into your life, but helping you feel confident, simple, elegant, and beautiful.